Art Mentorship is an ongoing style program. We will meet periodically for concentrated learning sessions focussing on your personal art projects. Guidance will be tailored to your goals and aspirations. Some things you can expect to learn: identifying and embracing your own unique style - your visual language. Developing your visual language, becoming excited about it and learning how not to be overly influenced by the style of other artists.

I will help you further your skills in your preferred media, on your personal painting projects, to learn to take your art to new levels.
I can help you explore media new to you. In fact, I encourage artists to try various media. It can increase your skill in your preferred media. For example, Using watercolor can improve your skills in acrylic.
A mentor can also help you with the emotional aspects of being an artist, help you have the knowledge you need to feel well prepared to pursue opportunities such as shows and competitions, guide you in how to promote your art and develop self confidence to interact publicly.

A mentorship is perfect for you if:

  • You are serious about your art.
  • You feel fairly comfortable working in your preferred media.
  • Your goal is to tap into your potential and follow your inspirations and artistic ambitions, willing to let go of all that is holding you back.

In Person Classes

An in-person mentorship workshop will be limited to ten participants at a time to allow for plenty of individual guidance focussed on your art journey. We will also have group interactions and discussion, painting demos, experimenting with media and concepts, and lots of fun making new friends!

A workshop class is four and a half hours including a half hour break to relax and refresh. Workshops are $100 each person for 8 - 10 participants.

Private in person mentorship is $60 an hour

Semi private mentorship instruction is $30 an hour per person for 2 - 3 people.

Classes and workshops can be held at your studio or mine, or your art club classroom. Contact me at

Online Mentorship

At your own pace

Here's how it works: We will communicate through messenger and photos of your art. We will discuss your project and I will help you use your own individual visual language to bring out your art's potential and work through being 'stuck'. We all get stuck sometimes! The aim is to help you in your personal artistic journey through the back and forth process of guidance and response, unlocking your own unique visual 'handwriting'. 

A session might be:

You send me a photo of your work in progress. We discuss your vision for it and issues that are hindering you. I will guide you through by asking you to respond to questions about your art. I give suggestions, both in messenger, and visually by making notes and marks directly on the photo of your art in Procreate app on my iPad. 

We can continue to have sessions whenever you need. That might be fairly often or just once in a while. They can be a few minutes or an hour at a time. My fee is $10 for 15 minutes or 35 dollars an hour. I accept Paypal, Venmo, and Zelle. The sessions will be by chat and photos of your art only. No video chat stress required!

You will need to prepare by: 

  • Having a photo of your art in progress. You will need to be able to take quick photos of your art in progress as you work with me. A phone or tablet works good for this. Practice a bit if you haven't done this much. Doesn't need to be a professional photo. Just in reasonable focus and the colors need to be fairly accurate so whatever light you're working under will work fine for that.
  • Be ready to tell me what colors you are using on your palette and what your favorite brushes are that you are using.
  • I might ask to see your references or a photo of the scene or setup if you are painting  from life.
  • A few photos of finished art you have done is helpful for me to get a feel for your style.
  • If you use the Procreate app, let me know.