Works In Progress

At any given time, I have several paintings in progress, at varying stages in their development. These four hanging out on my easel seem to be staring at me as I work on other pieces! Three have metallic paint, though in this photo because of the light angle, it doesn't show.

The egret is part monoprint. The background was painted on a plate and then printed onto the panel. The egret is being painting in realistic detail. The background shimmers with silver metallic.

The grassland scene in the back is full of metallic golds, coppers and bronzes. There will be birds, bees, and butterflies in that one, painted in detail, with an impressionistic background.

The Steller's Jay is perched on a branch of an ancient western red cedar. How many generations of jays has this wise old tree known?

The little piece in front is part monoprint also. It has pearlescent effects. Seven tiny blue butterflies flutter about as if you are looking at them overhead, while enjoying a nap in a flowery meadow.

Now all I need to do is finish them!

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  • James F. Smith on


  • Shari Erickson on

    Thank you, Jeffrey Hall! Wise words, and I appreciate your encouragement! Love your art!

  • Jeffrey Hall on

    I love seeing other artists show their unfinished work. We all have those pieces in process. They just need time to percolate and then they seem to finish themselves in my experience.
    Keep up the good work! I know your students appreciate your input.

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